Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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TWICE: JEONGYEON new style and return to the stage

Recently on TWICE’s YouTube channel like most Fridays, a new season of the show “TWICE REALITY, TIME TO TWICE, SOULMATE” was released. In episode 2, JEONGYEON showed off a new style with a very colorful hairstyle, with a mix of green and blue.


After several hiatus during his career, due to a cervical disc operation in the neck, but also because of side effects of steroids and panic disorders. JEONGYEON is again present with the other members on stage for the world tour.

MOMO, one of the group’s Japanese members, also shone on the internet, but this time on TWICE’s Instagram account. On a post, followed by the message “It was fun“, MOMO appears on several photos, notably with CHAEYOUNG. But, it is indeed her beauty in this magnificent red dress, which you can see below, that MOMO will make an impression.


In addition, the entire group will once again travel to the USA to perform again for one evening in May, at the North American Stadium. TWICE therefore becomes the first female Kpop group to perform in an American Stadium.

Journalist: Florian
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Twice

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