Monday, October 2, 2023

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BTOB : LEE MINHYUK is discharged from the hospital

After being hospitalized for a week, LEE MINHYUK finally got discharged from the hospital. After being tested positive for Covid-19

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SHIN PENIEL : An Angel who can rap

SHIN PENIEL is one of the members of the group BTOB and its sub-unit BTOB4U. SHIN PENIEL, also called SHIN

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BTOB 4U : The online concert that makes you emotional

When BTOB 4U was releasing its album on November 16th 2020, BTOB’s sub-unit just performed its first online concert. BTOB 4U

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BTOB : “THE SWORDSMAN”, the movie with LEE MIN HYUK, is going to be released

While the footage was in 2017, the movie hasn’t been released yet. The movie “THE SWORDSMAN” that the rapper and

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LEE CHANG SUB finally got discharged and made a live for the fans. LEE CHANG SUB, vocalist of the KPOP

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