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JBJ : Infos sur leurs concerts.

      Les JBJ vous donnent quelques informations sur leurs concerts du 3 et 4 février à Séoul.

jbj concert

< Concert Information >
– TITLE: JBJ 1st Concert <A Really Desirable Concert>
– DATES: 2018 FEB 3 (SAT) 6:00PM / 4 (SUN) 5:00PM
– VENUE: Olympic Park Olympic Hall
– TICKET PRICE: Standing – KRW 99,000 / Seating – KRW 99,000
– RUNNING TIME: 120 minutes
– AGE GROUP: Over 8 years old
– ORGANIZER: CJ E&M, LOEN Entertainment

< Ticketing Starts >
2017 DEC 28 (THU) 8:00PM

< Ticket Reservation Information >
– Limit on number of tickets: 1 person 2 ticket per show
– Floor area is a Standing Zone, and seats on 1st and 2nd floor are for assigned seating.

< Concert Textual Introduction >
JBJ’s dream of debut came true
in the desire and support of many fans on a good autumn day.

As the dreams that we share together become reality
Another dream that JBJ and JOYFUL worked together.
JBJ 1st Concert [A Really Desirable Concert] just came true.

We invite you to our first solo concert
filled with JBJ’s charm never seen before.

Tickets for the JBJ 1st Concert are only available through MELON TICKET. Please note that illegal ticket transactions that are purchased through private transactions other than Melon tickets, Internet secondhand trading sites and other methods are being monitored by the agency. The illegal ticket confirmed by such transaction can be canceled without prior notice with the authority of the organizer. Even if the ticket is held on the day of performance, it is impossible to enter the ticket.

In addition, illegal activities such as the purchase of tickets, forgery and transfer are strictly prohibited. If the purchaser is harmed by an illegal transaction, the purchaser is solely responsible for the damage. In this regard, the organizer and the magistrate are not responsible for any damages.

We will take action to sellers who do illegal transactions, so we ask for fans’ active cooperation to prevent damages.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS JBJ

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