Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Welcome to THE FAKULTY, the event that will test your KPOP knowledge and/or your rhythm.

Like an “Americano-Franco-Korean” university, THE FAKULTY, managed by its director and its various professors, will open its doors for the first time near Lyon (France) on September 9, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. (Event in French only)

Like an academic year that will take place in a few hours, THE FAKULTY teachers will offer you to come and take the exam of their subject. Will you have the eye? How well do you know your favorite bands? This is what we will see on your copy. Don’t think you’re the best, THE FAKULTY teachers have surprises in store for you and will be uncompromising about your answers.

Woe to anyone who makes too many mistakes during the express quiz. “Glue Hours” aren’t far off and aren’t pleasant – THE DIRECTOR

For this first edition, a maximum of 6 classes will be able to come and test their knowledge during the various activities that will be offered to them. Each class will represent a department, these are Rhône (69), Drôme (26), Isère (38), Haute-Savoie (74), Savoie (73) and Loire (42). It’s up to you to enroll in the right class!

A university year would not be complete without its “end-of-year ball” coming to close it. A “ball” like no other, since during it you will be observed by the teachers of THE FAKULTY. How well do you know the choreographies of the most popular KPOP titles? Like a Random Play Dance, your class will have to master the greatest number of choreographies out of the 120 titles that will be broadcast. Put on your sneakers, practice, the teachers are connoisseurs who have already won several “dance kpop” competitions in France and abroad.

Are you starting to get scared?

You already know quite a bit, so let’s keep a little more mystery and find out more as you go on these two networks. @KSTATIONTV et @THE_FAKULTY_KSTATIONTV. Attentive students will be able to favor their class.


  • Participation in THE FAKULTY is FREE but ON REGISTRATION (limited places)
  • You have until September 6, 2023 12 noon (French metropolitan time) to register. Beyond this date, registration will be PAYABLE
  • By registering you give permission to KSTATION TV to film you throughout the duration of the event and to use your image on its networks for the promotion of THE FAKULTY only (for minors, an authorization must be sent to the following address, the link of the authorization is HERE do a copy/paste of the authorization). In the absence of authorization and refusal of filming, the registration of the student will not be valid.
  • In each class, two categories of students, PUBLIC students: they can participate in different activities only and encourage their classmates during the “ball”. The DANCER students: They will be able to take part in the activities and show their talent in dance during the “ball”.
  • For each student of THE FAKULTY, a color is imposed. For students from Rhône (69) a BLUE top is compulsory, for students from Drôme (26) a RED top is compulsory, for students from Isère (38) a GRAY top is compulsory , for students from Haute-Savoie (74) a PINK top is compulsory, for students from Savoie (73) a YELLOW top is compulsory and for students from Loire (42) a GREEN top is obligatory

For people with reduced mobility who wish to access priority entrance (to be in possession of a disability card) please let us know by email specifying the particularity ( All activities are accessible to everyone.

So if you feel ready, if you are part of one of its departments or if you want to come and support one thanks to your knowledge and/or your pace, click on the button below

Don’t be the last to register, you might find the doors of THE FAKULTY closed.

KSTATION TV and THE FAKULTY reserve the right to refuse registrations if the conditions are not respected and/or if people are blacklisted.


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