It’s D-day for WINNER.

winner 2

   The counter has reached 0, so today WINNER will unveil their new EP album “WE“.

     According to their agency YG Entertainment, “WE” emphasizes the synergy that manifests itself when the four distinct members of the group, WINNER, work together. It’s like a new beginning and a new commitment from them since their beginnings five years ago.

winner 3

   The album includes six tracks, including the song “Ah YEAH“, “ZOO“, “MOLA“, and “BOOM” which are 4 new tracks, a remix of “EVERYDAY“, and “FIRST LOVE“, which is a bonus .

     WINNER will meet his fans via Naver V Live at 5pm KST. During this live, they will present their new album and their recent situation, and will take the time to answer the questions of the fans.

Journalist : Shawn

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