3YE: HA EUN is blonde and directive

HA EUN from group 3YE released her personal video teaser, drawing attention.

3YE - HA EUN (2)

The talented group of girls 3YE published HA EUN‘s video and personal photos on its official SNS on June 24th. The published video begins with HA EUN burning something while being very calm.

HA EUN then displayed an overwhelming charisma by looking at the camera with intense eyes and throwing and smashing the statue.

3YE - HA EUN (3)

Earlier, on June 20th and 22nd, personal video teasers of YUJI and YURIM, which contain a strong and enterprising image, were published. HA EUN‘s personal teaser has been released, and the clip for its new song “Yes sir”, which will be released on June 29th, is also getting a lot of attention.

In addition, HA EUN, who turned blonde in photo teasers released that same day, drew more attention with her uniform style. 3YE, which attracted attention with its stage outfits with a unique concept, amplifies the curiosity and the envy of the fans about this new look

3YE, who joined the “June Comeback Battle” with news of the return of a large number of prominent idols, announced a differentiated group of girls with not only performances but also more mature voices through this album.

3YE, who debuted its career seriously with his first digital single “DMT (Do Ma Thang)” in May of last year, solidified the color of the group by showing an unequaled charm through “Out of my mind” and “Queen“.

3YE - HA EUN (1)

3YE, which has emerged as a global idol group not only in Korea but also abroad, actively communicates with fans by posting music cover videos from pop, South American and Arab musicians such as “Woman like me“,”Taj“, “Slay” and “Calma” via SNS.

3YE will release their first mini-album “TRIANGLE” on June 29th.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GH Entertainment

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