IKON: The premiere of the show is a success!

« iKON ON AIR » announced last week, the premiere of the show worked well, there was a real excitement in the chat during the screening of the «reality show».

With a reminder that they were recording with respect to virus prevention measures, the elegantly dressed members enter a sober room, especially for them.

Taking their seats, JAY takes on the role of MC (master of ceremonies) for the episode.

After a brief introduction, a short debate on how to get seated for this premiere, the group celebrates the start of this new show.

Of course, the members can’t stay serious for long. To the question « What do you feel for this beginning of emission », DK is quickly questioned about his eye patch, this one answers with humor that he is doing it to give himself a style.

The next victim was JU-NE, teased for his large pants.

The second question revolved around the contents that the members would like to see during the show, CHAN then answers that he would like to go back to their beginning, also interrupted by BOBBY who asked with a falsely surprised tone: “A survival?”, the humor of the rapper was present throughout the episode, causing hilarity among the members.

It’s a joke between them, as the group has participated in five shows, the last one being « KINGDOM » where unfortunately they didn’t get the crown.

However, the youngest was implying that he wanted to show the passionate side of the group. The members then agreed that they wanted to get better at entertainment. From the small preview of the upcoming episodes, it is sure that we will have a lot of entertaining scenes!

After a game session billed as a test, the members made fools of themselves with smiles on camera at four different games. The result? They walked away after asking for three more chances to win, then winning a small buffet backstage.

This first show lasts 18 minutes and puts us in an atmosphere of good-natured competition, the spectators will laugh a lot for the continuation, the group having this reputation to be rather undisciplined for the biggest pleasure of the fans.

Journalist: Anaïs
Source: Anaïs
Source: SNS iKON

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