Saturday, December 9, 2023
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BAE173: First leading role for J-MIN in a BL drama

Teasers for the drama “수업중입니다 2 (Love class 2)” in which BAE173 member J-MIN in his first lead role have been released.

On July 23, the drama “Love class 2” unveiled new teasers on its social networks. Two teaser videos have been released on the official SNS of “Love class 2,” making us look forward to J-MIN’s performance, which will be his first attempt at acting.

The released video teaser caught attention as it shows J-MIN calmly lying in front of the school. Another teaser features a love scene of the two main actors leaning on each other during a calm piano performance, drawing more attention to J-MIN’s performance.

Love class 2” is the first drama in which J-MIN has the lead role and is a sequel to “Love class”, which depicts the ordinary success of a young man Nam Joo, who is charmed by a handsome man, and depicts the love and youthfulness of freshmen. J-MIN will play the role of Lee Hyun, a bright and cheerful freshman who seems to have grown up unscathed.

Love class 2” with J-MIN, who is starting his acting career, has already appeared on JTBC’s “PEAK TIME” to spread BAE173’s fame among the 13:00 team. As J-MIN, who has met fans through music shows and stages, takes on his first acting challenge, curiosity and expectations are growing for the work’s release date.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Love class 2

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