Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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SEVENTEEN : SEUNGKWAN featured in the new series The Devil’s Plan

Entertainment maestro, SEVENTEEN‘s SEUNGKWAN, returns with the new Netflix series “The Devil’s Plan“.

The Devil’s Plan

Every year, Netflix continues to dazzle with fresh and captivating content. This year, the spotlight is on SEVENTEEN‘s renowned member, SEUNGKWAN, in the brand-new series titled “The Devil’s Plan“.

The Devil’s Plan” is an entertainment show centered around a mental game, with the stakes towering high: up to 500 million Korean wons for the winner. But what sets this series apart? It’s the intriguing blend of participants, comprising celebrities, influencers, and other notable figures including HA SEOK JIN (actor), LEE HYE SUNG (freelance announcer), ORBIT (YouTuber), SO YU MIN (orthopedist), SEO DONG JOO (lawyer), KIM DONG JAE (student), PARK KYUNG RIM (public figure), CHO YEON WOO (professional Go player), GUILLAUME PATRY (former professional poker player), KWAK JOON BIN (YouTuber), and LEE SHI WON (actress). However, the challenge transcends mere financial or strategic gain.

The game initiates with a devilish proposition: participants are asked to shed their “social masks.” It’s more than just a contest for monetary gain; it delves deep into human identity. Participants are prodded to unveil their genuine selves, casting aside the fronts they uphold in daily life.

The Devil’s Plan

For CARATs, SEVENTEEN‘s fandom, SEUNGKWAN‘s inclusion in the series is truly a treat as they witness his evolution and vulnerability in this high-stakes game where every move matters.

With SEUNGKWAN, famed for his charisma and powerful stage presence, featuring in “The Devil’s Plan“, a spellbinding performance is guaranteed. It will be enthralling to observe how he maneuvers through this maze of strategy and emotion, possibly revealing sides of himself even his most dedicated fans haven’t glimpsed before.

The first four episodes have just been released, with more episode to drop starting Tuesday, October 3rd, so don’t miss out!

Tune into Netflix for a journey that’s both suspenseful and enlightening, where masks fall away, revealing the raw truth of one’s identity.

Journalist: Leo
Translator: Leo
Source: Netflix

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