Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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HUH GAK : a concert to show his new ballad

        HUH GAK‘s fans will be able to meet during his concert.


       November 18 and 19 will hold his “공연각 (Gak‘s concert)” in Sungchin Woman’s University, in Seoul where he will offer a performance worthy of his reputation. 

       From October 13, it will be possible to buy the concert’s tickets. A lot is expected of this prestation due to his powerful voice. 

        After winning the season 2 of SuperStar K, HUH GAK released his first single “언제나 (Always)’ and then his songs ‘hello’, ‘나를 잊지 말아요’, ‘모노드라마’, ‘밤을 새’, ‘혼자, 한잔’ enable him to be on top of charts (Number 1) several times, making him the “음원강자 (Charts King).

        The concerts will be hold on November 18th, 7pm, and 19th, 6pm, with ticket opening October 13th, at 2pm on Interpark and Melon. 


Journalist : Noeline
Source : Plan A Entertaiment

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