Monday, December 4, 2023
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DREAMCATCHER: The two last teasers.

The girl band DREAMCATCHER has unveiled two last teasers before the official release of its upcoming mini-album.


Yesterday, the DREAMCATCHER COMPANY has published a dance preview of the song «Deja Vu» from the band’s upcoming special mini-album called «Raid of Dream» on social media.

The preview starts on the first notes of the song «Deja Vu» and then, the seven young women appear on the screen. They all wear a long black coats. During the following thirty seconds, fans are given a brief overview of the choreography which seems highly sophisticated.

The latter was created by the artistic director Hwang Su Yeon who works for the DREAMCATCHER COMPANY on various projects. Her goal was to achieve a great degree of perfection as to give tribute to the girls’ talent.

Today, the very last teaser was uploaded on social media. It is a short preview of «Deja Vu»‘s music video. It is now with huge expectations and excitement that DREAMCATCHER‘s fans are waiting for the release of the mini-album. Yet, they won’t have to wait too long since it is to be released tomorrow in the course of the day.

Last but not least, this mini-album is quite special since it is in collaboration with the mobile game called «King Raid».

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
R/C: Alicja

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