GOLDEN CHILD : The titles of their first album.

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The group of boys GOLDEN CHILD unveiled the list of titles of its first album “RE-BOOT“, indicating the starting point of this new action.

Golden child tracklist

WOOLLIM Entertainment, the GOLDEN CHILD’s agency (LEE DAE YEOL, Y, LEE JUN JANG, TAG, BAE SEUNG MIN, BONG JAE HYUN, KIM JI BEOM, KIM DONG HYUN, HONG JOO CHAN and CHOI BO MIN), unveiled the List of titles from their first album “RE-BOOT” on its official website and its SNS on November 5th.

The tracklist of published pieces includes a photo with the 10 members of GOLDEN CHILD in costume, with underneath the titles “Wannabe” the main song, “Re-boot” introduction, “Lately“, “나침반“, “No Matter What“,”문제아“, “그러다 봄“, “She’s My Girl“, “둘만의 천국“, “Fantasia” and “도망가지마“, “놓지 않기로 해“.

RE-BOOT“, the first GOLDEN CHILD’s album, is the first album to be released since their debut. This new GOLDEN CHILD album caught the eye with an improved, more chic look.

This new 12-track album includes both solo and in-unit songs, raising expectations for this GOLDEN CHILD full-featured debut album that will feature different charms. In particular, the title song “Wannabe” has been enhanced with the participation of LEE JANG JUN and TAG members for the creation of rap.

Since the release of its third mini-album “WISH” in October of last year, fans were waiting to see their group again. It will be done and it puts them in turmoil.

GOLDEN CHILD plans to release its first album “RE-BOOT” on online music sites at 6pm KST on November 18th.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : WOOLLIM Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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