REDSQUARE: Rookies that don’t seem like it.

The new group of girls REDSQUARE captivated fans with their unrivaled energy by appearing in the “Inkigayo”.


REDSQUARE appeared during SBS’s “Inkigayo”, which aired this afternoon, to stage his first song “Colorful“. Group REDSQUARE, dressed in entirely white outfits, went up on stage, attracting attention by its powerful performance, its colorful charm and its light energy which didn’t resemble those of rookies.

REDSQUARE’s first song “Colorful” sends the message “Cherish and protect our individuality” with the group’s clean and confident energy.

During the show “Inkigayo” the artists REDSQUARE, Nu’est, Ryu Su Jeong, NCT 127, Yubin, Ken and TXT appeared on stage.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: About Ent

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