THE BOYZ : What is waiting for you in “THE STEALER”‘s upcoming MV

Eleven members from THE BOYZ revealed a short but intense MV teaser to introduce their new title song “THE STEALER”.


THE BOYZ’ long-awaited comeback is becomig more and more clear thanks to release of a short clip from “THE STEALER”‘s MV which will be out on September 21. The black and read settings remind us of the previous teasers and make us think that this comeback is going to be sexy and intense. The members already showed this side of them with their previous song “REVEAL”, but this new title-song is going to show an even more powerful side of them.

Indeed, since the first seconds of the teaser, the atmosphere is already intense thanks to many red lights which shows the members bodies in a mysterious way. With one simple but captivating step on on a low music, we are already focusd on the eleven members in front of us. Then, some of the MV’ settings are shown one by one, in which we can discover some of the members. Because of the ending of the teaser, we really want to see more of it and discover the entire MV. Indeed, the choreography from the chorus is shown and we are startled by the members’ heavy and powerful steps which are cut on a scream to end this teaser. No doubt that THE BOYZ will succeed on stealing people’s heart with such a powerful choreography and beautiful MV.

We let you check this out by watching the intense MV teaser under.

As a reminder, THE BOYZ will make its comeback with the mini album “CHASE” which will be avalaible on September 21.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène

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