CIX: A successful first online fan meeting

Group CIX had special communication with fans around the world with its first online fan meeting.


CIX held its first live online fan meeting “HELLO, FIX” on October 11th and met fans from around the world in 40 regions including Korea, Japan, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia and the United States.

On the same day, CIX released “What you wanted“, a track from its debut EP album “1st EP ALBUM HELLO Chapter 1. ‘Hello, Stranger‘”. 저희가 건강한 완전체로 돌아왔다 (We’re back healthy as a whole),” the members said, greeting their guests in their own language.

In particular, BAE JIN YOUNG told his fans that his return has been postponed due to an ankle injury, saying, “I was very upset by the injury, but now I’m completely healed.

CIX then performed successively “Movie star” and “Like it that way“, giving off a variety of charms with powerful performances and sultry vocals.


CIX, which recently celebrated its 400th day after its debut, looked back on the time that had passed and the various key moments, from the first showcase to when it took first place, the emotional moment of being on the stage. awards, ceremonies, and the day he named his fan club.

HYUN SUK said: “It has always been a moment of gratitude” and BX said: “It was good to get closer to the fans during the fan meeting.” In addition, BAE JIN YOUNG said, “I was upset that I couldn’t see you often, so I want to see the FIX more,” YONG HEE, “Thank you for giving me this year as a gift” and SEUNG HUN said: “Thank you to all the fans and members for making me happy day in and day out.

Then CIX performed “Maybe I“, a song from its second EP album “2nd EP Album HELLO Chapter 2. ‘Hello, Strange Place‘”. Also the performance of the title track “The age of innocence“, exuding a sexy charisma and throwing intense looks.


CIX, who appeared with a school uniform style, then shared a variety of games and gave fans warm smiles. Additionally, CIX, which performed “Rewind” and “Black out”, didn’t stop here, but presented a special event to fans around the world with BTS’s “Spring day” cover.

That day, CIX expressed its gratitude with loving tears from its fans and concluded the reunion with “The one” as its ending song.

Since then, CIX has posted a meaningful photo to their official SNS accounts this morning, raising fan expectations.

CIX will be releasing its third EP album this month, “3RD EP ALBUM HELLO Chapter 3. ‘Hello, Strange Time’“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS CIX

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