B1A4: A performance like a musical

Boy group B1A4 has released a performance video of its new song “Like a movie“.


On the afternoon of October 24th, B1A4 posted a performance video of its fourth album “ORIGIN“, called “Like a movie” on its official YouTube channel.

In the posted video, B1A4 wears a black uniform and exudes an unrivaled aura with a noble look. The choreography in the video, which contains a narrative that feels like watching a musical, captures the eye with a sense of splendor and dynamic elegance. B1A4‘s sleek style and childish charm add to the solid inner workings of this ten-year-old idol, further enhancing its immersion.

B1A4‘s new album “ORIGIN”, the title track “Like a movie”, which made a comeback after three years, landed at the top of the music charts upon release, signaling a successful comeback. It has also topped the real-time charts of major sites, grabbing the attention of various online communities and showing an overwhelming presence.

Currently, B1A4 released their fourth album “ORIGIN” on October 19th and in full promotion.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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