Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ITZY: A first album in English

Girl group ITZY will release its first English album and spread its popularity around the world.

ITZY had announced that it would post the release poster on its official SNS at 2 pm on December 25th and release its first English album at 2 pm on January 22nd next year. It also said the live countdown will be on Naver Now starting at 1 pm on the day the new album is released.

ITZY’s UK debut album would include English versions of four previously released tracks, from the latest MV “Not shy” to “Wannabe“, to “ICY” and “Dalla dalla“.

The title track “Not shy“, from the third mini-album released in August, recently proved its popularity at home and abroad by being listed in the vocals category among the “Songs and Albums 2020 Representing K-POP” selected by Time, an American weekly.

Wannabe,” the title track from the second mini-album released in March, was featured in the “Global Top Stream K-pop Song” section of the 2020 year-end charts on the global music platform Spotify. In particular, ITZY was the only group to be placed in the category in 2019.

ITZY, which is already receiving enthusiastic responses from abroad, will release songs in English for the first time since its debut and will captivate fans around the world. The album is also expected to be used as a springboard for the world stage in 2021.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS JYP

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