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Like many in dreams, today’s artist also wanted to start his own label as an independent to promote his music and that of other artists. Here’s how it all starts for KEEZY and its 6ONESIX label.

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~ An American style artist:

Ki Hyun LEE, better known as KEEZY, is an artist who is destined to move. His titles are powerful and reflect rather well the energy and ambition that overflow this person. Very pleasant, with KEEZY it’s “ALL or NOTHING”.

It is under the influence of real rap legends such as EMINEM, TUPAC, DR DRE or SNOOPDOGG that KEEZY starts rapping in 2006. Even today SNOOPDOGG and WIZ KHALIFA are undoubtedly his main role models with whom he would like to make a collaboration, in Korea, it would be with the artist BILL STAX (before knew as VASCO).

“Get rich or die tryin.” – KEEZY

The philosophy of life of KEEZY may seem selfish but it is from this philosophy that the best is retained. Testing, risk-taking and daring is what he pushes us to the highest of our abilities.

The rapper opens his heart and treats his music as if they were his own children to whom they transmit his values and ambitions.

With two official mixtapes, both available on HIPHOPPLAYA “KEEZY” and “BIOGRAPHY” and his tracks on Soundcloud have already led him to perform on stages, even in Canada.

Very soon KEEZY will release his single “WORD ON THE STREET“.

“I had a lot of problems hearing rumors all the time. […] I wanted to spread the message that the fake news that people see online isn’t everything. Wake up. Always gotta watch your back.” – KEEZY

With a better ease in English than in Korean, KEEZY wants to be everywhere on the globe. Sometimes in the US, in Canada and in South Korea the rapper and also feat with many artists, and more specifically artists who trust him and who signed to be at his side within 6ONESIX, his label.

~ Founder & rapper of 6ONESIX label:

Artist and entrepreneur, it is in the USA that KEEZY has chosen to install its label with immigration projects. But just like the JAY PARK’s HIGHR MUSIC label, the location of the label does not matter about the quality and the situation of the artists. Music is a more than international art and that of 6ONESIX is no exception.

“I started everything with my friend from back in Vancouver, Canada. GAMEBOI and I had to think of a brillant business idea, and that became a music label.” – KEEZY

After years of creating music and performing as a duo, the two artists are now creating 6ONESIX that takes over everything for them.

The “family” of 6ONESIX is therefore composed of KEEZY but also: GAMEBOI and ACHAMELEON both rappers, singers and producers. But also BLUE CARAMEL as DJ, producer and singer, D2SIRE, LIL GUMMY and BROOKLYN. Despite the position of KEEZY and GAMEBOI as founders, all participated in their own way to the start of the label and make the pride of our rapper of the day.

And this is understandable in view of the very words of KEEZY:

“BROOKLYN, […]answer my text you bastard.” – KEEZY


~ The future is only a matter of time:

The year 2021 promises to be very eventful for KEEZY but also all the other artists.

In 2021, ALL MEMBERS of the label will have their solo album. Starting with KEEZY, GAMEBOI and ACHAMELEON. LIL GUMMY looks at her ideas for her solo album.


“For the artists in 6ONESIX, Id like to tell them: follow your guts. that’s the answer fuck what others say. Lets make money, get famous, they’ll shut the fuck up” – KEEZY

The American vibe of KEEZY is addressed to his team but also to his fans:

“For our fans, we will offer you guys everything you guys need. Merch, music, shows, interview, pictures, all we need is your love. Thank you. I appreciate all the love that you people give us.” – KEEZY

“When I was like 7 years old in my dad’s car omw to school, and I always have been dreaming about being a rap musician in the future. But Look how I got myself looking. Writing the interview about myself. Much love and shout out to my team 6ONESIX.” -KEEZY

It is difficult for an energetic artist like KEEZY to have simple and fixed plans. But for the moment, he is focusing on the realization of the EP of 6ONESIX and the clip that will accompany this comeback on March 14!

Just after his album, KEEZY hopes to be back in North America to perform and reunite with his fans.

He is an extremely passionate artist who reserves a lot of surprises so do not miss to follow his on the networks.


Journalist: Waterice
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Source: KEEZY

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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