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2PM: JUN.K releases new Japanese album

JUN.K from group 2PM released his new Japanese mini album “THIS IS NOT A SONG” today.


In his fifth mini album “THIS IS NOT A SONG“, the title track “This is not a song, 1929” from the digital single “THIS IS NOT A SONG“, released in Korea and Japan in June of last year , and the songs “Moon light, 2003” and “Magritte in my room, 2013” are present.

The album added a special track for each release, increasing the value of its collection. The first limited edition of production included “River flows, 1971” and “In the car, 1981” as bonuses. The regular class featured the instrumental version of “This is not a song, 1929“, and the fan club’s limited edition featured the lofi remix version of “This is not a song, 1929“.

On March 5th, the special video for the track “Hide and seek, 1995” was released on the official 2PM Japan channel, which fans enjoyed. In the video, JUN.K uses unique graphic effects, enhancing the melody and mood of the song, making the delicate sensitivity of JUN.K felt, drawing all the more attention.

JUN. K is the one who wrote and composed 2PM’sMy house“, a hit song that got a second wind last year, and produced 2PM’s songs, including “Go crazy“. This time, as a solo artist, he took part in the work on the songs for his fifth mini album in Japan, proving his broad musical spectrum.

On the other hand, the group 2PM is expanding its activities, led by members who were demobilized before they could make a full comeback.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS 2PM

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