JAMES AN : A positive breathe from the artist

Recently JAMES AN was on SPILL THE BEAT by KSTATION TV, a bless for us to have such a creative artist. He have told us about his upcoming single release “MEDIATION” planned for today, Tuesday 16th of March. It is now time to discover this new song !

SPILL THE BEAT : Dive into JAMES AN’s vibe

JAMES AN – “MEDITATION” Single album cover

The artist announced the identity of the single, positive and psiritual thoughts:

“This song is about the positive thoughts I would have when I’m at a temple, wishing happiness and the best for others. I’m really grateful and able to love myself more when I realize that I love others.” – JAMES AN

On Instagram JAMES AN unveils a poem on the day before the song release:

His text is saying:

“Meditation on lovingkindness
May they be happy, healthy, safe, and free
Free from pain and hurt
Free from the intergenerational cycle of trauma
Free from discrimination and hatred
Free from systemic oppression and all the bullshit and illusions we create for ourselves
Free from the need to do things and go to places, except being you, your whole self, or simply being
Happy at the realization that they are here in this moment
Happy at the thought that they are happy, happy at the thought that they are not
Free from attachments and desires
Even if I may not be able to, wish that they may” – JAMES AN 

A very philosophical text that aims to make the audience thinking and feeling twice about people who surround us and get free from negative vibe, replacing them by an open-mind and positivism.

The single “MEDITATION” is already available on all musical platforms among his previous releases !

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: James An SNS

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