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Since the beginning of May KSTATION TV has decided to make you relive the debuts of your favorite artists. It is therefore every day at 8 pm on our Facebook page that you discover the title of the debut of your favorite groups and artists.

Every Sunday at 8 pm we will give you a summary of all the debuts that we have presented to you. Did you know them all?

We started with the group EXO from the agency SM Entertainment which debuted in 2012 with the title “Mama“. The group was at the time of its debuts, composed of two units EXO-K and EXO-M. EXO-K, made up of members SUHO, BAEKHYUN, CHANYEOL, DO, KAI, and SEHUN, was the Korean unit of the group (K for Korean), and EXO-M, made up of members KRIS, XIUMIN, LAY, CHEN, LUHAN , and TAO, was the Chinese unit (M for Mandarin). After different departures, those of KRIS, LUHAN and TAO the group remained under the name of EXO.

Group SISTAR, a emblematic group of girls of the kpop, composed of the members HYOLYN, BORA, SOYOU and DASON, the 4 girls made their debut in group within the agency Starship Entertainment in 2010 with this title “Push push” . The concept of the group is clearly displayed and assumed, they are beautiful and feminine women. The group will release many hits that kpop fans, as well as idol groups, will pick up very quickly because the choreographies are simple and very studied so that everyone can dance to the song. Unfortunately the group will separate in May 2017 with a last title “Lonely“.

The first solo whose debut we want you to relive is the unshakeable and charismatic CL. Of course we can’t talk about CL without talking about 2NE1, but let’s focus on her first solo title “The baddest female“. It was in 2013 that his agency at the time, YG Entertainment, decided to start CL solo. The 2NE1 rapper is hitting the market with a hiphop track at a time when this style is on the rise in South Korea. She will be one of those women who will impose on the front of the stage. CL continues her career being currently in the USA.

The 4th debut of this week are those of the “small” group BTS, do you know them? Of course you know them, whether you like their style or not, BTS are a staple of modern kpop. The group composed of 7 boys, RM (Rap Monster), JIN, JIMIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, V and JUNGKOOK made their debut in 2013 with this title “No more dream“, this year there and the one after, the group doesn’t immediately break through in South Korea because they don’t have a style that Asians appreciate at that time. Their very first fan sign will bring together only 30 people in South Korea. At that time who could have imagined that 7 years later this same group would be able to fill stadiums like Wembley, the Stade de France …?

The following group is made up of 5 girls … was made up, because they broke up quickly after their debut. These are HINAPIA, with members MINKYEUNG, GYEONGWON, EUNWOO, YAEBIN and BADA. The first 4 girls are former members of the group PRISTIN of Pledis Entertainment who after leaving their agency have come together to form this new group. The style was very girls crush, and the success is quickly there, but, for reasons which remain unclear, the girls don’t resign with the new agency and the group stops.

For these new debuts we take you in a festive and crazy style with the WALWARI trio, mixing a retro style, beatbox and electro pop. Mr BOOMBOX accompanied at the time by female members MERRY and J’YUNKY came to warm up the winter of 2017 with this festive title. Small personal anecdote being present in the public on several Korean broadcasts during this comeback, the title moved some Korean (do) s and other groups behind the scenes.

Finally to end this first week we brought you the debut a little more rock of the group LUCY. The group formed of 4 boys, CHO WONSANG, CHOI SONGYEOP, SHIN GWANGIL and SHIN YECHAN, made their debut in full global confinement in May 2020 with this title “Flowering”. The boys got noticed on the JTBC Superband show.

Different styles, notoriety at different levels, but all of them do what they love, music, hoping that you enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the beginnings of all these artists.

Did you all know them? What do you think ? Tell us all in the comments.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Artists

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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