A.C.E: A fourth anniversary

Group A.C.E celebrated its anniversary on Vlive.

(Click on the photo.)


During this Vlive with the Choices (fans of the group), the 5 boys: CHAN, WOW, JUN, DONGHUN and KIM BYEONG KWAN appeared with a nod to their debut by appearing in short and quite tight. And yes remember the boys had marked the spirits by performing their first title “Cactus“, on the television shows, wearing these same shorts.

The choice of this outfit was not trivial, as it put me forward to their muscular legs, but it caught the eyes of both fans and critics who made the name of A.C.E.

During this Vlive the boys will begin by performing various kpop covers, such as an extract from “Eyes noise lips” by singer Taeyang, before sitting down to the table to blow out the candles for this fourth anniversary.

To finish relive the performance of the Music Bank with the title “Cactus

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS A.C.E

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