GOT7 : YUGYEOM joins forces with DeVita on “I want U around”. 

YUGYEOM is making his first solo comeback under AOMG with the newly released “I Want U Around” single.

“I Want U Around” single sleeve cover.

YUGYEOM had previously made headlines after the release of an impressive dance visualizer back in February, this video did not only showcase his skills as a dancer, a talent that is the very foundation of his artistic journey, but also confirmed having signed to top-notch K-Hip-Hop and K-R&B label AOMG.

And it is along with the many talented artists under AOMG that YUGYEOM is ready to take over the scene with his skills and artistry. From DEVITA and GRAY to LOCO and PUNCHNELLO, the “POINT OF VIEW: U” EP album will be a collaborative project, showcasing YUGYEOM’s skills as a versatile songwriter and composer within his new label.

AOMG could be a great space for him to grow and experiment as an artist as well as making a name for himself among his peers – if a proper synergy is created. The label is known for being the home of various talented and famous acts of the K-Hip-Hop and K-R&B scenes, all having nurtured styles as peculiar as they are unique. It will surely be interesting to witness YUGYEOM’s artistic growth and how his sounds and performances will be shaped from now on, in a scene that tends to value complete artistic freedom and that is opening its gates more and more to former K-POP singers.

The track “I want U around” featuring fellow AOMG artist DEVITA has been revealed on June 11th – inaugurating YUGYEOM’s first promotional activities as a soloist, for his upcoming EP “POINT OF VIEW: U” which is to be released on June 17th. 

YUGYEOM took part in writing and composing all the songs from his upcoming EP album, including the duet and title track “I want U around”;

Song credits of YUGYEOM’s upcoming EP

YUGYEOM has set high expectations with this pre-release title track, arousing the curiosity of fans, casual listeners and a more domestic, Korea-based audience

The release of this highly anticipated track led YUGYEOM and DEVITA to quickly reach the top of the iTunes charts in many countries as well as in Korea, where the single “I want U around” debuted in first place on the Genie streaming platform.

Genie charts

The song features both DEVITA and producer GRAY

YUGYEOM and DEVITA can be seen in a foggy forest surrounded by monochrome tones and hues, which is not without reminding one of JAY B’s “Switch it up” settings. Both YUGYEOM and DEVITA embrace this witch-like and mysterious atmosphere throughout the very detailed music video production – the scenery is similar to one of a torpid dream. The blurry loneliness and longing are depicted through masked dark figures, alternating between dancing scenes near misty dunes and an endless wandering, where YUGYEOM can be seen tied by ropes, moved around by odd hands, or even buried under fire by singer DEVITA. Many fans shared their favorite scenes of the music video on social media. 

The reverb progressive EDM beats by producer GRAY blend with the impeccable and sensuous vocals and harmonization of both DEVITA and YUGYEOM. The song expresses the feeling of wanting to remain strongly tied to a hypothetical love partner, to entice them to fulfill the consuming passion and romance. The two skilled vocalists thus swiftly embody the complementarity of two souls in love.

YUGYEOM is undoubtedly ready to showcase new facets of himself as an artist. As an ever-growing singer-songwriter-composer, many are looking forward to his next steps. From GOT7, JUS2 to Soundcloud and AOMG, YUGYEOM has shown his tremendous potential in and out of his K-POP powerhouse group. He is on his way to embrace a new path, fresh sounds and style. 

Fans quickly took over social media and rejoiced under the hashtags #YUGYEOM_IWantUAround and  #유겸_아이원트유어라운드 that trended worldwide. They shared their excitement regarding his upcoming EP album release, applauding the detailed production of the song, posting fan edits linked to the Inside’s Bambam box challenge or talking about YUGYEOM’s future plans under AOMG, a new page of his career that will surely be a ride.

Fellow GOT7 members have also cheered for their youngest bandmate on social media.

AOMG artists such as CODE KUNST, DEVITA, HOODY or GRAY have expressed their tremendous support for their labelmate’s first release. 

What did you think the pre-release single “I want U around”? Are you ready for YUGYEOM’s comeback?

We are excited to hear YUGYEOM’s new songs as well! May his newest release met our expectations and well-deserved success! 

You can find the single “I Want U Around” and its music video here: LINK


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