DIA: A cute moment with JUEUN

JUEUN from DIA showed off her feline appearance

On July 12th, JUEUN from the group DIA posted a touching photo on his Instagram account. JUEUN caught the attention of fans by leaving a comment, “Film“, along with several photos.

JUEUN in the photo is looking at the camera with a classy expression. Plus, she paired her long straight hair with a beret to catch the eye with her simple, natural style. In particular, JUEUN drew attention by resting her chin on a cushion with a cat’s head, bringing some likeness and showing off her superior visuals.

Internet users who saw it responded by saying: “JUEUN is so pretty”, “Even the film is pretty” and “There are two cats“.

Joining the group DIA as lead vocalist, JUEUN released “Will you go out with me“, “Woowoo” and “Hug u” and communicates with fans through her SNS and YouTube.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube

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