AB6IX: Promotion launch for the comeback

AB6IX has released the first photo teasers for its new album “MO’ COMPLETE“.


Brand New Music has posted the first teaser photos of AB6IX’s second full-length album “MO’ COMPLETE“, which will be released on September 27th, on the official AB6IX’s SNS on September 8th. In the published photos, AB6IX shows off its dazzling visuals with a backdrop possessing a distinctive color, making fans’ hearts beat faster.

In the group photo, the members of AB6IX grabbed attention as they sat on set in brightly colored casual costumes, displaying relaxed poses. Among the following individual photos, JEON WOONG wears a red suit and creates a unique fascinating vibe, while KIM DONG HYUN, who stands out with a colorful pattern on his blue shirt, drawing attention with a fatal look. PARK WOO JIN, who scored a point with a light gray suit, plaid shirt and tie, added luxury with a natural pose, while LEE DAE HWI in a simple green suit showed sophisticated maturity with a hairstyle slightly wet.

AB6IX, which launched a full-fledged album promotion by posting the first photos of the album “MO’ COMPLETE“, which contains the various charms of the four members, will further maximize the expectations of global fans by posting abundant promotional content , like the other two versions of concept photos.

AB6IX’s second album “MO’ COMPLETE” will be released at 6pm on September 27th, and pre-orders are currently underway on various album sites online.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brandnew Music

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