DRIPPIN: A new title on Universe

Global fandom platform UNIVERSE will release a new song featuring boy group DRIPPIN.


On November 2, UNIVERSE, a global fandom platform, said, “‘Vertigo’, a new song by DRIPPIN, which will be released on UNIVERSE MUSIC, will be released on November 11.” Additionally, as of November 1st, the online coverage and lineup images for “Vertigo” have been released through the Universe app and official SNS.

According to the schedule, DRIPPIN will meet global fans through various content. Starting with the photo teaser for “Vertigo” today, the Concept film: Beyond The Wall on the 4th, the teaser for the clip “Full Moon ver” on the 7th, and the teaser for the clip “Howling ver” on the 9th will be unveiled from sequentially, continuing the rise of fever for the release of the new album.

DRIPPIN released their first mini album “BOYAGER” in October of last year and became a group of “world rookies” upon their debut with a full performance. In addition, the first single “Free pass“, released in June, proves its global influence by being listed in the top six iTunes K-pop singles in the country and various regions of the world.

Universe Music has already released “D-dance” by IZ*ONE in January, “Guardians” by Cho Sumi and Rain in February, “Call U Up (Feat. Lee HI, prod. Primary)” by Park Jihoon in March, “Last dance (Prod. Groovyroom)” by (G) I-DLE’s in April, “Outerspace” by Kang Daniel in May and “Gemini” by AB6IX in May then “Tesseract” by CIX, “Drink it” by The Boyz, “Kiss or death” by Monsta X in July, “Alive” by ASTRO, “Let me in” by WJSN in September, “Starry night” by Wei in October, and finally will come “Vertigo” by DRIPPIN which will be presented to fans of the whole world.

DRIPPIN’s new song on UNIVERSE “Vertigo” will be released on the online music site at 6pm on November 11th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Universe

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