ALTAR BOYS: The musical that gets attention

The Broadway musical “Altar Boys“, directed by EUN HYUK of SUPER JUNIOR, which attracts attention with global K-pop stars such as BAEKHO of NU’EST, YOON SAN HA of ASTRO, YOO TAE YANG of SF9, GOLDEN CHILD‘s Y and HONG JOO CHAN attending production, unveiled their official poster on November 21st ahead of their premiere performance on December 18th.

The musical “Altar Boys“, produced by musical producer Synthwave Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin Jung-hwa), is a concert-type musical in which five boys form a vocal dance group “Altar Boys” to convey love and comfort to the audience by singing and dancing. On the official poster released for the opening of reservations on November 26, BAEKHO, YOON SAN HA, YOO TAE YANG, Y and HONG JOO CHAN, who completely transformed into Matthew, Abraham, Juan, Luke and Mark, exhibited their splendid visuals in stage costumes, raising expectations for the job.

The “special chemistry” of the main characters in the musical “Altar Boys“, which is 100% synchronized with the characters in the play and reminds of an existing boy group, is also increasing day by day. As all five actors are representatives of K-pop, every charm and professional aspect was fully revealed, and rumor has it that the field staff continued to cheer throughout rehearsals and the making of the poster.

The musical “Altar Boys“, which will be implemented as a hit concert based on high quality scripts and music at the KBS Arena, not in theaters, will begin booking tickets for offline performances at 2 p.m. on November 26th. Reservations for the first part of the performances will be available for the one from December 18 to 21, and reservations for the offline performances from December 22 to 24 will be announced again at a later date.

In addition, the entire show will be broadcast live online on the global entertainment platform, “https://meta“, and tickets will open on the Meta Theater site at 2pm on November 29th. It can be viewed in Asia, such as the Middle East and Oceania, and use of the service is limited in other regions. Details of the Meta Theater viewing can be found on the official SNS and website.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: PRS

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