ATEEZ : JONGHO shares his day in his vlog

JONGHO is taking us with him !

It’s JONGHO‘s turn to share his day through a vlog, uploaded on ATEEZ‘s official YouTube channel.

The vlog starts with a morning workout. We can see JONGHO doing various exercices, such as an abs workout with a fitness ball, a way to stay in shape during the group’s American tour.

The vlog continues, after the effort comes comfort : JONGHO treats himself to a typical American meal with burgers and fries. After that, we see him enjoying his free time and the good weather to go shopping in the streets of Hollywood.

Finally, JONGHO ends his day by having dinner in a Korean restaurant where he tastes dishes typical of Korean culture such as « Samgyeopsal » or « Kimchi Jjim ». Moreover, ATEEZ‘s music (« Turbulence ») was played in the restaurant, in front of which JONGHO stood in line before eating, which shows the flamboyant success of the group across the country.

MINGI revealed us last week the behind the scenes of his “Song camp”, which is the process of producing and recording music, accompanied by a team made up of people with whom he is used to working in American studios.

SEONGHWA, meanwhile, opened this personal vlog series by taking us with him preparing himself for the latest ATEEZ‘s fansign in the United States.

Mingi and Seonghwa

We can find a new personal vlog next Monday at 6 p.m KST.

Journalist: Myriem
Translator: Myriem
Source: ATEEZ’s official YouTube channel

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