STRAY KIDS: The latest elements for the next comeback

As with every comeback, STRAY KIDS have offered different new teasers for the release of their next album, “ODDINARY” scheduled for March 18th. In our last article, we stopped at the second versions of the photo teasers and since then there have been a lot of new surprises.


First, we will focus on the latest photos. Both versions of the albums have been teased with snapshots by member and sub-units. The first photos had been quite dark and serious while the last ones showed themselves, at least for the clothes, quite quirky and colorful.

Between each photo session, the group’s agency, JYP ENTERTAINMENT released many video teasers for the B-Sides of the album. The B-sides are the songs present in the album, but which are not, the song considered as the title track of this one. The first video clip was for the title: “Venom”

The song is likely to be quite dark and its rhythm is similar to sounds often heard from underground artists. It’s very rarely that 3RACHA, who are the main lyricists of the group, take that kind of artistic freedom. The second extract was the one for: “Lonely St

The style is drastically different from the previous one. We are left with a soft and soothing ballad to listen to during your long evenings. The lyrics will surely come out sadder and the message will probably be heartwarming. The last single before the title track teaser was for the song: “Freeze.”

The boys change register once again and the clip shows a staging that will delight many fans. The boys look straight out of a mafia gang drama. The sound is already very original and once again, STRAY KIDS are able to prove to us that their inspirations are limitless. In comparison, “ODDINARY” is much more “NOISY” than their last album of the same name. This risk-taking is confirmed with the mashup proposed by the agency the next day.

All the songs are meant to be different, and you’ll be able to enjoy at least one of them. This may be the group’s new bet. The album will be talked about by its new sounds and the overall atmosphere of the album. The sounds are darker and the mysterious atmospheres arouse the curiosity of fans and non-fans alike. Are the band getting ready to unveil their next “master piece”? It’s very likely. The latest teaser, and not the least, since it is that of the title song: “Maniac”.

Just on the few seconds of listening, the title remains catchy, the outfits are sexy and the members knew how to give the best of themselves to bring out their darkest part. This kind of experience has already been achieved by visuals like HYUNJIN or FELIX who have accustomed the fans to their sexy side, but for members who are a little more discreet or softer, it will be a real challenge and that is what the STAY fans of the band are waiting with this comeback.

As a reminder, the music video is scheduled for release on March 18, are you yearning? What is the song that intrigues you the most and why? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.

Journalist: Camille
Translator: Shawn

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