THE BOYZ: The first trailers for the upcoming comeback have been released

THE BOYZ will comeback in three weeks and four trailers have already been released on the group’ SNS accounts and YouTube.


THE BOYZ is back with a 7th mini album on August 16, 2022, and for now four trailers entilted “Wings Of Desire” have been published by the group’s agency. The first three trailers show the members in small groups as they look natural and relaxed. In the last trailer released on July 27, the ten active members are all together in a simple trailer yet enchanting with a violin melody, leading to many mysteries concerning the concept of this mini album. You can watch the four trailers below.

THE BOYZ will comeback on August 16 with “Wings Of Desire”.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène
Source: IST Entertainment

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