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JACKSON WANG : « Cruel », his new movie-like MV

JACKSON WANG‘s new single « Cruel » is out!

JACKSON‘s new single « Cruel » from his upcoming album « MAGIC MAN » is finally out!

« Cruel » is a pop song with rock-inspired sounds made of electric instruments and a strong instrumental line. Its epic dynamic and JACKSON‘s far away voice make it seem like a reel movie scene, complimenting the film-like MV. In the video, he plays the role of a half human half demon character spitting fire as he  fights with creatures in a dark and almost apocalyptic decor.


« Cruel » is the second title revealed from his upcoming album « MAGIC MAN » following « Blow ». The album, which is expected for September 9, is composed of 10 songs: the two quoted above, « Champagne cool », « Go ghost », « Drive it like you stole it », « Come alive », « Just like magic », « All the way », « Dopamine » and « Blue ».

JACKSON describes this album as a « multiverse »: while each song can be heard and interpreted separately, the album forms a set of universes where the songs all find something that connects them. « Blow » introduces us to a man living and giving in his sins. « Cruel » on the other hand gives way to a character confronting his enemies. And so, we will have to wait for September 9 « MAGIC MAN » to understand what this multiverse is made of.

People might say I’m not perfect, but that’s what makes me human. Let’s just be raw, I am me. I should just be honest. And that’s what I did for the album.


In recent interviews, JACKSON revealed the birth of the album title: the past year has been especially difficult for him as he felt like he was stuck in a repetitive loop after working 8 years in the industry. The name of his album came after a discussion with his producer who pushed him to confide in him, which lifted a weight off of him and liberated him.

The two first titles from « MAGIC MAN » seem to be a perfect reflection of his mindstate and his artistic identity that is showing more and more. His imagination is limitless: while one is often inclined to separate the forms of art, JACKSON refuses to fit in a box and keeps  intertwining art in its various states as he  makes music, cinema and dance blend in together. In fact, this is something we have started noticing with some of his previous arts including « 100 ways » and « Pretty please » which MV’s not only illustrated the songs but also complimented them with an actual story, an actual scenario and using numerous cultural references.

Again, « Cruel » also gives testimony to JACKSON’s artistic vision: as the multifaceted artist that he is, he has participated in many aspects of his MV’s direction, a way for him to stay as close as possible to his art.

On top of revealing the release date of « MAGIC MAN » which can already be pre-saved on digital platforms, TEAM WANG records also announced the sale of merch, CDs and vinyls. Already available in the US, it should be open worldwide soon.

As we wait for September 9, let’s dive in some previous works from JACKSON with « Drive you home » and « LMLY »!


Journaliste: Catherine

Translator: Catherine

Sources: TEAM WANG records, SNS Jackson, METAL Magazine

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