As boys around the world continue to participate in Mnet’s survival “BOYS PLANET” audition for the creation of a global boy group, Mnet’s production team has released a great tip for contestants passing the audition hearing.

Mnet’s “BOYS PLANET” is the second season following “GIRLS PLANET 999,” which created girl group “Kep1er,” which became a representative fourth-generation rookie group in a short period of time since its debut, and is a project to select the next boy group in K-pop. With the broadcast scheduled for the first half of next year, the final group members will debut in 2023.

BOYS PLANET“, which holds a first round until August 21, continues to encourage boys who dream of being part of an international group, in approximately 63 countries and regions of the world, including the United States, the Great Britain, France and Germany, as well as East Asia.

In addition, more than 105 agencies around the world, including Korea, have confirmed their support. The international girl group Kep1er, which was created through the program, flaunts the status of a fourth-generation girl group and is expected by many fans. Many young individual talents dream of becoming a second “Kep1er” being produced by Mnet, and having recorded 129.73 million votes in 175 countries and regions around the world.

Mnet said, “The number of contestants for ‘BOYS PLANET’ has increased significantly compared to ‘Girls Planet’ due to the worldwide popularity of ‘Girls Planet’ and the success of debut group Kep1er.

With about 15 days left until the deadline for recruiting candidates for “BOYS PLANET,” Mnet’s production team mentioned what might be helpful for candidates.

BOYS PLANET” pointed out that the contestant’s star potential and quality are important, stating,

“The candidate’s skills are important, but we also assess their charm, talent and passion.”

Therefore, MNET said the door to acceptance could be widened simply with a self-presentation video that uses his own charm. In addition, since this is a program aimed at debuting as a K-POP idol, it is important for international applicants to use their singing/dancing/rapping skills, as well as their passion for K-POP and their desire to debut.

Regardless of their nationality, any man born before January 1, 2010 can apply for the “BOYS PLANET” project for the birth of an international K-POP boy group, even if the artist has an agency currently or has already made his debut as a singer, he can participate. The recruitment period is from June 27 to August 21, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: MNET

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