DAY6: A summer gift for fans

A new MV as a gift.

Today at midnight in South Korea, the social networks of the group DAY6 publishes a new image.

On this one we discover different objects and visuals that characterize the summer, with a beach edge, a palm tree, a buoy in the shape of a pink flamingo. By this image, it is the sub-unit of the group DAY6, named EVEN OF DAY, which announces the release of a new MV for the song “해변의 달링“.

A MV which is announced as a summer gift while the members are in full military service and cannot come to meet the fans.

For the moment we do not know more about the color or the atmosphere of the title, but we can easily envisage that this one should be quite festive and light in the colors of the image.

DAY6’s sub-unit EVEN OF DAY, consisting of YOUNGK, WONPIL, and DOWOON, will be releasing its new MV for “해변의 달링” on August 31.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS DAY6

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