Thursday, November 30, 2023
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BLANK2Y: A passionate group

BLANK2Y from KEYSTONE ENTERTAINMENT is making a comeback on Wednesday August 24 with a second mini album called “ FUEGO K2Y II: Passion ”.


Composed of members YOUNGBIN, LOUIS, DONGHYUK, SIWOO, MIKEY, DK, SUNGJUN, SODAM, and U, the group returns with the song “Fuego (Burn it up)”, ready to set the hearts of fans ablaze.

« Even though it’s only been three months since our debut, we had so much to show you, so we’re making our comeback right now. » DONGHYUK

The showcase begins a photo session, allowing to present each of the boys one by one. The band’s first-ever album was only three months old, but the members seem happy to be back on stage again. They say they have not yet fully realized that they made their debut a few months ago, but say they have prepared hard for this new album.

Indeed, we can see the fruit of their effort since once the photo shoot is over, the group performs “Fuego (Burn it up)“. Before this charismatic performance, the music video is also broadcast, the group seeming to be endowed with powers such as speed or even invisibility. The clip has mostly red and green hues, contrasting with the white of the outfits worn.

« We’ll make sure you don’t regret the time you give us» — SODAM

The performance is powerful and dynamic, and the break dance is highlighted thanks to the different light beams surrounding the group. A teaser is also aired where foreign members, U (Chinese) and MIKEY (Japanese) do the narration. This teaser is a way to introduce the group’s universe, which seems rich in complexity.

It is then time to discuss with the group. They begin by describing this album with the term “confidence”, in order to show their fans and the public what they are capable of. They also reveal that the term “fuego” means “fire” in Spanish. They also select the word “passion” as representative of the album, passion being felt from the intro “ U” which immediately plunges into a dark and sophisticated atmosphere.

« We hope you will like the song “Fuego (Burn it up)”, because we have especially worked on the choreography of this one » – YOUNGBIN 

DK reveals that while filming the music video, LOUIS was so invested in the dance that from sweating, the bright yellow coloring in his hair started to trickle down his face. The group then presents the second title song, “ Fuego (Fearless) ”, which has a relatively similar concept to the other title song, and finally, “I whish“, a ballad accompanied by piano, dedicated to fans.

VIDEO SHOWCASE coming soon

YOUNGBIN states that the members worked on their facial expressions for this comeback, in order to best represent the word “trust”. The concept of the group remains above all passion; passion to try any style and convey this “confidence” to people. DK reveals that upon first listening to the songs from the album, the group gained confidence and passion precisely, which made them want to surpass themselves. Even though the dance was complicated at first, the members enjoyed learning and practicing it.

« I thought it would be difficult to be the leader of a group, but since all the members get along well and we talk regularly, it is actually much easier » —DK

The group also introduces some of the powers in the clip, also adding telekinesis, mind control, time control as well as the ability to heal. Since it’s been a few years since a group empowered themselves, it’s a somewhat refreshing concept for fans. To close the Q&A moment, LOUIS and MIKEY declare to be the most passionate when they are all together, or in contact with their fans. That’s why their goal is to spend time with their fans and keep them happy and healthy.

They also hope to receive consideration from their loved ones, and for this they prepare daily events and special content for their fans. It is with these last words that the group concludes this showcase, thanking the journalists who came for the event. To thank them, they end with a second performance: “Fuego (Fearless)“.

Our reporter’s words: “The boys seemed delighted to be on stage, and I thought the foreign members’ Korean was excellent!

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photo: Pillet Anaïs

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