Wednesday, October 4, 2023

YOON JI SUNG: Fan concert, Season’s greetings and also a single

Sweetness and sparkling eyes in YOON JISUNG‘s teasers.


Artist YOON JISUNG reveals to us at midnight KST today, two photos for the release of a new digital single named “12월 24일(December. 24)”.

In the two photos that have been published for this release, the artist appears in close-up on both shots. On the first with his face pressed on his hand, YOON JISUNG flashes a big smile. It is a simple yet beautiful photo, displaying the artist’s beauty and gentleness.

On the second, using a snowflake, YOON JISUNG is having fun and showing his “funny” and mischievous side, with his little dimple on his cheek.


For the moment, nothing has yet been revealed about this new single, but with its title we can already imagine a soft ballad to animate the arrival of winter.

In addition, we remind you that YOON JISUNG will organize a fan concert on December 24, called “12월 24일: Lucid Dream” and that you can find your tickets on the Melon ticket website.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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