Thursday, September 28, 2023

ESPERO: A new group with fantastic voices

The new recruit, who is making its debut in the spotlight, has announced that it will not be doing any broadcasting activities at this time, adding even more curiosity.

ESPERO, which caught the eye with the harmony of CEO Kim Kwang Soo and composer Cho Young Soo, will officially make its debut in the music industry.

ESPERO is a crossover group that combines ballads and vocal music, and will release their debut song “Endless” on various music sites on December 20 and take their first steps into the music industry.

However, ESPERO said he won’t be on the air for a while, which is unusual for debuting rookies.

ESPERO is a four-member boy group that specializes in vocal music and crosses it with pop. CEO Kim Kwang Soo, who has produced many stars such as SG Wannabe, Seeya, Davichi, and T-ara, and hit songwriter Cho Young Soo are working together to produce the entire album, raising expectations among fans.

It’s a bold ambition to leave a strong impression with music that audiences can easily sing along to and listen to this winter.

ESPERO will make their official debut on December 20 and release their debut song “Endless” on various music sites.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pocketdol Studio

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