Wednesday, November 29, 2023

DREAMCATCHER: The group will return after a month of vacation

According to its agency Dreamcatcher Company on December 14, DREAMCATCHER, which has completed its official activities in 2022, is planning a vacation for about a month.


DREAMCACTHER, which has been running non-stop this year, will have time to recharge its batteries during this holiday. HANDONG, the only foreign member of DREAMCACTHER, will also return to China to be able to spend the end of the year with her family.

DREAMCACTHER won a music show for the first time 1924 days after its debut with its second full album “MAISON”, announced the start of the Apocalypse series in April, and in October released its seventh mini album “APOCALYPSE: SAVE US” to deliver an alert message on environmental issues.

DREAMCACTHER also racked up career highs overseas. A US tour in eight cities and Mexico after about three years and reached a ticket sales rate of 92%, and the European tour which took place in five countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Poland , England and France proved its status by meeting fans on a larger scale.

Additionally, DREAMCACTHER renewed all contracts with Dreamcatcher Company in November, even before its current contract ended. DREAMCACTHER, which gave InSomnias (fan name) worldwide a perfect gift by renewing its contract, will continue to show activities to thank the love of fans.

DREAMCACTHER, which will return after its end-of-year holidays, will continue these in various fields in 2023.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dreamcatcher Company

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