YANG YO SEOB: His voice soothes sadness

YANG YO SEOB of idol group HIGHLIGHT uses his voice to soften difficult feelings.

On January 29, the first teaser video for the music video for “YAOKI Project,” which YANG YO SEOB participated in, was posted on YAOKI’s official YouTube channel.

As the video begins, a woman appears and slowly a tear appears sliding down her cheek. Along with this, the emotional voice of YANG YO SEOB, which seems to soothe sadness, combines to create stronger feelings. In particular, just a short line of the lyrics “덤덤하게 또, 안녕 (Calmly Again, Goodbye)” maximizes the pain of the image and raises expectations for the full song.

The “YAOKI PROJECT” is a new global music brand concept that tells the story of Yaoki, a cat from outer space, learning about human emotions through music. Following Weeekly, who opened the door to the project, YANG YO SEOB will participate in the singing of “덤덤하게 또, 안녕 (Calmly Again, Goodbye)” to continue the enthusiasm of the project.

덤덤하게또, 안녕 (Calmly Again, Goodbye)” is a song that contains the realistic feelings of separation as the memories of love fade and get used to the days of separation. Through this song, Yaoki communicates human feelings of separation and sadness.

As Weeekly delivers happy feelings by releasing the Christmas song “Happy Christmas,” K-POP artists and Yaoki will continue to meet to release a collaboration song featuring various joys and sorrows.

The second song featuring YANG YO SEOB, “덤덤하게또, 안녕 (Calmly Again, Goodbye),” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on February 5.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube Yaoki_official

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