Friday, September 29, 2023

PEAK TIME: Launch of the first episodes

The first group survival is launched.

JTBC has launched its new survival program called “PEAK TIME“. This is the first time that a “survival” type program has been done in groups and not individually.

This new show sees bands of boys from different generations hauling off in order to win the victory which will allow them to have greater visibility, but also a gain of 300 million Wons, an international tour…

To do this, the groups will be judged by 8 personalities from the world of music, so we find SONG MINO from Winner, KIM SUNG KYU from Infinite, LEE GI KWANG from Highlight, JAY PARK, TIFFANY YOUNG (ex SNSD), KYUHYUN from Super junior, RYAN JHUN Producer, JAEWON SHIM Producer, all presented by LEE SEUNG GI.

Right away we start watching the first episode, the groups will be separated into 3 categories “Rookies” with groups that have just started, “Booster” with groups in activity looking for more visibility, “On break” for groups that have put their careers on hold or who have separated.

The show which cast 70 groups in total only retained 23 to participate in the show, this is how you go to see or review the groups DIGNITY, NTX, IN2IT, BXB, ATBO, AIMERS, MASC, DKB, BLITZERS, BTL, VANNER, KINGDOM, BAE173, GHOST9, BLK, ROMEO, WAO, BDC, DAY DREAM, MONT, 24K, JWIIVER and DGNA.

Immediately the first test begins, each group will pass in front of the jury for a performance on a title that does not belong to them. You can see them perform in particular on titles from ATEEZ, TVXQ, VIXX, STRAY KIDS, INFINITE, JYP, … It’s up to them to create a simple cover or rearrange the pieces to adapt them to their style.

This test will have three possible outcomes, if it obtains less than 3 votes from the 8 members of the jury, the group will be immediately eliminated from the show. If it obtains between 3 and 5 votes the group will find itself in ballotage and the jury will have to meet to know if this one continues or not the emission. Finally, if the group obtains at least 6 votes, it will move on to the next stage.

As for the members of the jury, they do not know the names of the participating groups, these are named by times “01:00”, “02:00”, “03:00″, …”23 :00”. The name of the group will be revealed only if it is eliminated or if it manages to rank in the TOP 6.

The first group gets in place and off we go. Each member will have to give everything to convince the jury that he must take the next step. During these first episodes you will discover superb performances, but also flops, moving stories and reconversions. We let you quickly watch the episodes, because a surprise awaits you at the end of them. You will surely have noticed it, but a day has 24 hours, except there are only 23 groups announced. Who will be this 24th group?

You can watch the survival episodes on the platform Viki.

Shawn’s opinion: “I’m happy to see that most of the groups are performing live, allowing us to see the very good singers and those who still have to work. Some performances are extremely well worked on in terms of arrangement and staging , and, two groups blew me away. The show starts very well, I recommend. A small flat on the absence of several groups, did they stop because of their schedule? Were they eliminated and did not wish show their performance? Questions that arise.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JTBC / Viki

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