ATEEZ: A growing popularity in England

Since arriving in London, ATEEZ has participated in many events, confirming its global popularity.


While in London for its « THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL » world tour, ATEEZ visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to visit the « Hallyu! The Korean Wave » exhibition.

This exhibition, which will run until next June, includes stage hanboks of « Inception », the title track of the 5th mini album « ZERO: FEVER Part.1 », and iconic costumes of « Fireworks (I’m The One) », the title track of the 6th mini album « ZERO: FEVER Part.2 ». Also, the Victoria and Albert Museum is a well-known and respected art, design and performance museum attracting over 4 million people annually.

Thus, yesterday, February 20, ATEEZ members (HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, JONGHO) had a great time experiencing an exhibition full of content and promoting Korean popular culture, including K-pop, through their costumes.

ATEEZ said on this visit:

« During the world tour, I felt that global fans love ATEEZ and K-pop very much, but seeing it in a museum like this makes me feel special. I’m honoured that this exhibition is an opportunity to shake up the status of K-pop. It would be nice if many people came to see this exhibition.  »

Moreover, ATEEZ held a media day in London that day. The group participated in a series of interviews with the music magazine « Rolling Stone UK », UK news sites « PopBuzz » and « Elite Daily », and multiple Irish, English and French media like « Official Charts », where you can follow official charts, and « i-D Magazine », a British cultural magazine.

Finally, ATEEZ will continue its world tour at The O2 in London, England, on February 22.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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