PARK JIHOON: A comeback next month

Wanna One singer and actor PARK JIHOON will return to the music industry in April.


According to his agency Maroo Entertainment on March 16, PARK JIHOON is preparing a new album with the goal of returning in mid-April.

This album is the first scene in six months since the sixth mini-album “THE ANSWER” released last October.

PARK JIHOON has already released a total of six mini albums and one full album, and held his first face-to-face solo concert “Park Ji-hoon 2022 “CLUE” Concert” since his debut last year.

PARK JIHOON also met fans with the original drama “Weak Hero Class 1” and has been active between singer and actor activities. Expectations are high for the type of music PARK JIHOON, who will return to the stage after six months, will play.

Maroo Entertainment stated, “PARK JIHOON is currently in the midst of final preparations for his comeback. As a singer, we will end up with music with a clear identity.

PARK JIHOON will continue his active work with his return to the music industry in April.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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