BOBBY : A teaser revealed !

This March 16, 2023 marked the official start of BOBBY’s comeback with a first look at “벚꽃 (cherry blossom)“.

While we wait for the video to be released on March 20, this twenty second teaser shows us three very distinct scenes. In the background, we have a possible auditive glimpse of the song, a rather soft melody while remaining in the minor scale for a gloomy feeling. A deliberate choice for the artist, in this track he performs solo, “벚꽃 (cherry blossom)” evokes desperate emotions there that were as beautiful as cherry blossoms.

Before we get to enjoy this track, a second teaser is expected to be released on March 18 to promote the title song: “Drowning” which is for the record, a duet between him and the singer SOLE. The song expresses the feeling of being overwhelmed, immersed in the charm of the opposite sex.

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: SNS iKON

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