Thursday, November 30, 2023

CROWN J: The rapper creates his new label T.F.M.G

Rapper CROWN J takes another step forward.


CROWN J today announced the formation of “The Flyest Music Group” (hereinafter referred to as “T.F.M.G”), a hip-hop and R&B music label. Earlier, on September 6, the news of its creation was first announced to fans via official SNS.

CROWN J will work hard to find talented artists based on his experiences so far. CROWN J suddenly stopped all activities and moved to the United States to study music and production after officially debuting in the music industry with his debut album “ONE & ONLY” in March 2006. This attracted attention as this was the first official move since the release of the single “BUST IT” in August last year, in which Changmo and Uneducated kid participated.

In addition to CROWN J, other officials will join “T.F.M.G.” Kim Jae Yong, a music industry expert from the presidential transition committee, will oversee business strategies and practices. Hong Soon Ah, former financial accounting manager of Dolphin Youth Corps, who attracted attention with his brilliant CF idea, will be in charge of financial accounting, while KEEJU, a veteran of Blue Moon Productions in Hong Kong, will be in charge of sounds.

In addition, “T.F.M.G” is the agency of CROWN J, and Big Ocean ENM, which produced SBS’s “그 해 우리는“, ENA’s “그 해 우리는” and tvN’s “소용없어 거짓말“, and UMAG, a music intellectual property trading company, participates as an investor in the early days of its creation.


According to Kim Jae Yong, director of “T.F.M.G“, CROWN J, who has been practicing mainland hip-hop music all his life, established it by bringing together all his experiences and careers, including his successes and failures, he said.

CROWN J plans to pursue various initiatives after the creation of “T.F.M.G”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: T.F.M.G

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