Wednesday, November 29, 2023

KINGDOM: King JAHAN will be the hero of this new opus

Group KINGDOM confirmed its big comeback in October.


KINGDOM (Hwon, Jahan, Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan) posted a photo of its member JAHAN on its official SNS on September 19 at midnight and announced the release of its seventh mini-album “History of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN” on October 18.

JAHAN in the photo published on the same day attracts attention with a strong atmosphere. JAHAN’s strange eyes and charming mood arouse the expectation of a return.

KINGDOM is a group of seven people, “King of ChangeDANN,King of RainARTHUR,King of Cherry Blossoms” MUJIN,King of BeautyLOUIS,King of SnowIVAN,King of SunJAHAN and “King of stormHWON. Based on KINGDOM’s unique worldview, each album tells the story of the new king of the seven kingdoms.

History of Kingdom,” a seven-part series, is the epic story of a king who tries to awaken as a true king and six kings from different eras who help him. This album is the last episode of season 1 and tells the story of JAHAN in “The Kingdom of the Sun”.

Additionally, the main character of the episode “Part 7. Jahan” is member JAHAN, which was predicted in the previous music video of “Dystopia”. In the video, the dreamy JAHAN is depicted against the backdrop of the desert, raising expectations for the KING MAKERs (fandom name).

KINGDOM, which debuted in 2021, topped the top five of the Amazon Music charts in the United States for the first time in two years and was well received in the global music market, entering the top 10 on the chart US Billboard ““World Digital Song” sales.”

More attention is being paid to what KINGDOM, which captivates K-pop fans around the world with its unique music, cinematic performances and clips reminiscent of fantasy films from such a vast worldview, will look like, through this album.

KINGDOM will release “History of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN” on various music sites at 6 p.m. KST on October 18.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GF Entertainment

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