Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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BOYFRIEND : After 2 years and 5 months of waiting, they are coming back !

     After 2 years and a half, BOYFRIEND finally released the concept photo for ‘Never End’. 6 people, 6 colors, the perfect reveal picture.


     The group BOYFRIEND, with Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Yeonngmin, Kwangmin and Minwoo, will have their comeback on August 9th and revealed step by step the concept teasers for their new mini album.

     BOYFRIEND‘s agency, Starship Entertainment, released one by one the pictures with the sentence “2017.08.09 BOYFRIEND 5th MINI ALBUM ‘NERVER END’ CONCEPT PHOTO”.

     The teaser pictures, with a pastel undertone, underlines the members’ expression accompagnied to the dream and illusion atmosphere attracted the eye of the audience. The waiting is even more strong thanks to the manly aura given by BOYFRIEND. As we can see while reading the various comments posted by fans “it has been a long time since Boyfriend came back! love it”, “BOYFRIEND will have their first win for sure ! Daebak”, “I missed you so much ! BOYFRIEND !” or “It really is true that BOYFRIEND ill have a comeback ?!”.

     The agency declared that “there will be 5 songs in the 3th MINI ALBUM ‘NEVER END’ tracklist and instead of stressing the concept, they want to share their history as an artist since their their last comeback, showing their new acquired maturity. The members are confident in the evolution thanks to the love and support given by their fans during the prepartion of this album. Please anticpate and give a lot of interest”.

     May 26th, 2011, BOYFRIEND debuted and throught powerful activites and sophisticated songs as “I’ll be there (내가 갈게)”, “Don’t Touch My Girl (내 여자 손대지마)” or “Janus (야누스)” they receive a lot of love.

     After the released of their mini album in 2015, they individually participated in webdramas, musicals etc… and 2 years and 5 months after they released an album that look like them.

     July 12th, their Japanese mini album “SUMMER” reached Japan’s Tower Record’s first place.

     BOYFRIEND‘s first album will be released on August 9th and they are determined to promote in Japan and Korea with enthusiasm.

    The tracklist was also revealed.


Journalist : Camille
Source : Starship Entertainment

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