SHINHWA : Happy birthday.

      SHINHWA celebrates its 21st anniversary.


     SHINHWA is composed of LEE MINWOO 이민우, SHIN HYESUNG 신혜성, JEON JIN 전진, ANDY 앤디, KIM DONGHWAN 김동완, ERIC 에릭. They debuted on March 24th, 1998 with the title “Resolver“.

      At first the group was managed by SM Entertainment and now, thanks to their experience, they manage themselves with the SHINHWA Company.

Shinhwa 1998

shinhwa 2018

       Their fans SHINHWA CHANGJO are considered one of the most loyal fandom in the industry (this is the most faithful). After 21 years of career SHINHWA are always sold out at their events.

     Each of the members, in parallel, has a solo career in song or other agency management (Liveworks Company, TOP MEDIA).

      The last comeback of the group dates back to last August with the title “Kiss me like that“.

     We wish them a happy birthday.

Journalist : Shawn

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