14U : Internal conflicts dissolve the group.

    14U, a 14-member boys’ group, has just been disband less than two years after its start, drawing attention to them.


      According to K-pop officials today, 13 members ended their contracts with their agency, BG Entertainment, shortly after returning from a concert in Japan between February and April.

     14U made its debut in July 2017 with the release of “WW” and released its third single “나침반” at the end of last year. The activities in Japan, was one of their great specialty with more than 20 concerts and 6000 fans, were successful.

     However, the group was scheduled for the “KCON 2019 JAPAN” convention, to be held in Makuhari Metsu, Japan, May 17-19, and their absence raised questions. KCON 2019 JAPAN announced the absence of 14U, simply claiming that it was a “situation between artists” last April.

14U (4)

   The members who canceled their contracts would have left their home after the dissolution of the group and would have chosen to follow their own path.

     “We understand that the members of the group, following the cancellation of their contracts, are currently living in a difficult situation“, “We have not been able to inform the fans about this with the misfortune or regret of go on vacation, and we only publish recent events via SNS. ” said a source from the agency.

     The dismantling of the group appears to have many different reasons, ranging from the mere termination of the contract to reasons of favoritism conflicts among some members and the discrimination that would have resulted. The company denied members’ claims, claiming that the plot between them had led to the dissolution.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : Starnews

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