D.CRUNCH : The comeback of this summer.

    D-CRUNCH boys’ group (Hyunwook, Hyunho, Ov, Hyuno, Hyunwoo, Minhyuk, Chanyoung, Jung Seung and Dylan) will be back.


   Today, All-S Company announced the group’s comeback via the official SNS of D-CRUNCH.

      The published photo bore the words “J-14 2nd MINI ALBUM” and the date of their comeback. Members wearing white outfits with a hint of red, have a bright smile, signaling an atmosphere of a brighter title.

Like the previous album published, “D-CRUNCH” has participated in writing, composition and choreography and should delight the audience with good music and performances.

    D-CRUNCH is the abbreviation for DIAMOND-CRUNCH, a team that has strong performance and musical punching power to destroy diamonds, the strongest object on Earth. The group won the “2018 Asia Focus Awards” for its stability.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : ALL-S Company

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