Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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BABY V.O.X : A wedding for a former member.

    KAN MI YEON, 37, BABY V.O.X.‘s former member, will marry HWANG BA UL, a 33-year-old musical comedy actor.

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     According to KAN MI YEON‘s agency Dreamstone Entertainment, she will hold the wedding ceremony on November 9th with HWANG BA UL and her wedding at Dongsoong Church in Seoul.

We ask you to give it a lot of blessings because it is a marriage that comes with all logic after a long period of attendance,” said Dreamstone Entertainment. The agency asking the media not to make further speculation on this event.

     KAN MI YEON made her debut in 1997 with the debut album BABY V.O.X called “HAIRING DAY“. She sang hit songs such as “Killer” and “Yaya“. She has been a solo artist since 2006 and has also appeared in musicals “Rocky Horror Show” and “King Arthur”. Recently, she was also part of the movie “Yoga Academy” and is expected to debut as a movie star.

Hwang Ba-ul, has become known in the musical “Sheer Madness”

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : Naver

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