LEE MIN HO: His fight for others’ welfare.

Actor LEE MINHO helps orphans by donating to the Holt International Children’s Services.


It is through the Milk Mustache campaign that actor LEE MIN HO was able to collect a rather huge amount of money. This money will be donated to the Holt International Children’s Services foundation, the latter was created in 1955 by two Americans named Harry and Bertha Holt who adopted eight children themselves. Today, Holt International Children’s Services is a professional organization that helps orphans to find a family.

Five years ago, LEE MIN HO opened a donation platform called PROMIZ with campaigns that provide help to those who are in need. His main targets are the environment, animals and of course children. The actor’s popularity is very helpful for it leads lots of people, including his fans, towards a better awareness of what can be done for the welfare of others.

Through the Milk Mustache campaign, LEE MIN HO had proven that it was very simple to donate and help others. People just had to buy milk to help to find an orphan a loving family.

The Milk Mustache campaign is still ongoing and actor LEE MIN HO hopes to raise awareness about the South Korean orphans’ situation. The actor’s donation project has only just begun.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: MYM Entertainement
R/C: Alicja

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